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Welcome My Fellow R.V. Enthusiasts

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about how we can help with your R.V.  We hope your adventures have been great so far and we are always here to serve you.

RV repair facility servicing all styles of home on Wheels

R.V. Winterization


If customers want professional winterization the RV department is fully stocked with RV antifreeze and the skills not to break your RV in the process.

R.V. De-winterization


RV De-winterization available with same day service.  Please remember ice makers take a day or longer to purge antifreeze, so leave a bowl and catch those pink cubes to dispose of. 

Full Coach Inspections


All accessories can be inspected and diagnosed for failure issues. Pre plan your trip and get you RV coach in tip top shape before your adventure.  Please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance before your trip.

Coach Front Rebuilds


Rebuilding the front end of Class C RV's can be done over the winter months. We offer a full wood working shop with custom rebuilds.

Flooring & Furniture


Flooring can make a night and day difference in your older RV.  Laminate or carpeting can be done on site.  Worn couch replacement or upholstery replacement offered during winter months. 

Roof Re-seal


Roof re-sealing can be done any time and is critical for keeping the inner wood panels from breaking down.  Look for  bulges, rust stains or warped siding - water leaking down inside the coach may have caused more damage than you know so have it inspected today. 

common pricing questions for rv services

Please note all Rv's are not the same and pricing may vary from coach to coach.

storage available year round for RV/trucks/automotive/boats/equipment

Vehicles storage $35.00

6 month storage or longer and get 10% off the price -- $33.25 a month --

storing more than one vehicle can get you 10% off -- 33.25 a month --

Boat and Trailers $45.00

Boats and loaded trailers $45.00 a month. If you plan on storing longer than you can get a 10% discount for 6 months or longer  -- $42..75 --

Small RV's $45 a month

Small RV's 20-35 foot are only $45.00 per month. 

6 month storage or longer can save you 10% at the rate of $42.75 per month. 

Large RV's $110.00 a month

40 foot or longer RV's are tough to maneuver and takes more to maintain through the winter with snow removal. 

get an addition 10% off repairs if RV is stored for the winter. 

Equipment $99.00 a month

Looking for extra space to store that loader or bobcat?  Maybe you have an excavator that needs to get out of the way for the month. Let us store it for you at our main facility.  Over sized equipment may cost more - see store for details. 

Pick up & Drop Off Locations

All payments and customer service starts at the main location.  Main location is 2090 Van Horn Road.  Second location 3050 Phillips Field Road and can be accessed only during business hours as lots are locked and secure. 

Located In The Office Of H&H Service Center

Come on in and see the receptionist on the right for additional help or to sign in for storage drop off. Storage hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm monday through friday. 

Lease and rental agreement for both van horn and phillips field locations

Please print and pre fill out the agreement documents for faster service on arrival.